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Updated: Road closings & openings

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Did you know that more drivers are killed each year by drowning than are killed by lightning and tornadoes?

Always drive with your lights on whenever it's raining enough to require use of your windshield wipers, this helps other drivers see you. Remember the line: don't drown, turn around.

For information on flooding preparedness and how to be Red Cross ready, just click here

The following Red Cross shelters are open: 

-Evansville, IN -- American Red Cross at 29 S. Stockwell Road.
-Point Township, IN -- Point Twp. Church of Nazzarene at Bonebank Road
-Owensboro, KY -- First Baptist Church at 230 JR Miller Boulevard
-Henderson, KY -- Community Baptist Church at 1026 Pebble Creek Drive
-Henshaw, KY -- Henshaw Christian Church at 237 Chapel Hill Road
-Crossville, IL -- Crossville Baptist Church at 507 N. State Street

The following roads in Vanderburgh County are still closed:

Smith Diamond Rd. between Welborn Rd. and W. Franklin Rd.
Red Bank Rd. between Ogden and Nurrenbern Rd.
Nurrenbern Rd. between Graff Rd. and Old Henderson Rd. 
Schmuck Rd. between Bayou Creek Rd. and Schissler Rd.
Pleasant Rd. – ALL
Graff Rd. south of Nurrenbern Rd.
Millersburg Rd. between Oak Hill Rd. and Green River Rd.
Olmstead Rd. between Old Boonville Hwy. and Burkhardt Rd.
Old Boonville Hwy. between Olmstead Rd. and Warrick County Line
Allen's Ln. between St. Joe Ave. and Kratzville Ave.
County Line Rd. East – ALL
Heckel Rd. between Green River Rd. and Heerdink Ln.
Heerdink Ln. between Heckel Rd. and Millersburg Rd.
Burkhardt Rd. between Lynch Rd. and Olmstead Rd.
Hirsch Rd. between Burkhardt Rd. and Green River Rd.
Elmridge Dr. between Oak Hill Rd. and Congress
Millersburg Rd. between Green River Rd. and Heerdink Ln.
Kansas Rd. – East of Green River Rd.
Schissler Rd between W. Franklin Rd. and Posey County
River Rd. between U.S. 41 and S. Weinbach Ave
S. Green River Rd. between I-164 and Lynn Rd.
W. Franklin Rd. between Schissler Rd. and Seminary Rd.
Eisterhold Rd. – ALL
Duesner – ALL
Bayou Creek Rd. between Schmuck Rd. and Old Henderson Rd.
Old Henderson between Tekoppel Ave. and Golden Rule
Lyle Rd. – ALL
S. Weinbach Ave. between the Levee and Waterworks Rd.
Waterworks Rd. between Veteran's Memorial Pkwy. and Hwy. 41
Cypress Dale – ALL
Seminary Rd. – ALL
Happe Rd. – ALL
Roth Rd. – ALL
Shore Rd. – ALL
Long Rd. – ALL
Golden Rule – ALL
King Rd. – ALL

State Road 62 (Morgan Avenue) from U.S. 41 to I-164 in Evansville
State Road 66 (Lloyd Expressway) east & west bound ramps from Lloyd Expressway to Boeke Road
Newman Rd. – ALL
Hickory Ridge – ALL

Daviess and Pike Counties

State Road 257 from U.S. 50 (Washington) to State Road 356 (Otwell)

Daviess and Knox Counties

State Road 58 from State Road 67 (Westphalia) to State Road 57 (Elnora)
State Road 358 from State Road 67 (Edwardsport) to State Road 57 (Plainville)

Dubois County

State Road 164 from Old State Road 162 (3rd Avenue) to U.S. 231 in Jasper

Gibson and Pike Counties

State Road 65 from State Road 64 (Princeton) to State Road 56 (Union)

Knox County

State Road 441 at the Illinois State Line in the City of Vincennes (Lincoln Memorial Bridge)

Perry County

State Road 66 from State Road 62 (Sulphur) to State Road 70 (Derby)
State Road 66 from State Road 70 (Derby) to State Road 166 (Rocky Point)
State Road 66 from State Road 166 (Rocky Point) to State Road 237 (Cannelton)
State Road 70 from State Road 37 (Leopold) to State Road 66 (Derby)
State Road 166 from State Road 66 (Rocky Point) to the end of the road.

Perry and Spencer Counties

State Road 62 from State Road 545 (St. Meinrad) to State Road 145 (Possum Junction)

Posey County

State Road 69 from State Road 62 to the end of the road. 
Old Dam 49 RD.
Union Ferry RD.
Indian Mounds RD.
Winger RD
Caborn Bottoms
Davis RD
West Franklin RD
Gun Club RD
Griffin Rd.
Matz Rd
Continental Camp Rd.
Curtis Rd at Raben Rd
Savah Rd
Artesian Well Rd
Half Moon Pond Rd
Yellow Pond Rd
Todd Rd
River Rd
Conlin Rd
Graddy Rd.
Dusty Lane
Darnell School Rd
Shirley Rd
Hastings Lane
Point Rd
Maier Rd
Crow Rd
Raben Rd N and S off HGWY 62
Zoar Church RD
Holler Rd
Ashford RD
Ashworth Rd
Meinschein Rd
Dixon Rd
Cox Rd
Crab Orchard Rd
Bonebank Rd
Weiss Rd
Oak Grove Rd
Spencer Ditch Rd
Slim Pond RD
Slim Bottom Rd
Gross Rd
Mackey Ferry Rd
Reis Rd
Herman Island Rd

 Spencer County

State Road 66 from State Road 545 (Troy) to State Road 70 (Maxville)

Spencer and Warrick Counties

State Road 62 from Old U.S. 231 (2-lanes) to State Road 161 North Junction
State Road 161 from State Road 62 (DeGonia Springs) to State Road 66 (Hatfield)

Roads in Illinois that are closed including the following:

U.S. Route 45 between Mill Shoals and Enfield.
Illinois Route 1, east side of the Little Wabash River in Carmi.
Epworth Road between Carmi and Illinois Route 141.
llinois Route 142 between Broughton and McLeansboro.
U.S. 45 between Illinois Route 141 and Texas City Road.
Illinois Route 34, north of Harrisburg.

US 45 North is closed north of Eldorado at the northern city limits of Eldorado.

Roads in Kentucky that are closed including the following:

Henderson County
Ky 359 MP 0-4
Right lane of Hwy 41N, starting a Marywood and going to the cloverleaf
KY 136 from 0 to 10 mile marker 
KY 268 from 0 to 8 mile marker 
KY 414 entire road closed 
KY 3522 from 0-3
KY 812 from 2 to 5 mile marker 
KY 811 from 0 to 6 mile marker 
KY 1557 from 2 to 4 mile marker 
KY 2247 from 0 to 1 mile marker 
KY 1299 from 5 to 7 mile marker 
KY 268 from 0 to 8 mile marker 
KY 2247 from 0 to 2 mile marker 
KY 2183 high water from 2 to 3 mile marker 
KY 416 high water from 0 to 4 mile marker 
KY 2260 high water from 3 to 4 mile marker
KY 2248 from 1-2 mile marker
Ky 3522 MP 0-1

Daviess County:
KY 142,  Miles 4-5
KY 81     MP 2-5  Closed
KY 298, Miles 0-1, 2-3
KY 762, Miles 0-2
KY 279, Miles 8-13
KY 334, MP 1-2
Ky 1554, Miles 1-5
Ky 2127, Miles 3-6
Ky 500 miles 0-1
Ky 554 miles 7-9
Ky 960 miles 0-2
U.S. 60 Miles 0-1, 5-7
Alvey Bridge Rd
Baird Rd
Berry Rd (Hwy 500 end)
Bickett Rd
Boston Laffoon
Boswell Rd
Bratcher Hill
Burns Rd
Carter Rd (between Keller & Todd Bridge Rd)
Crooked Creek
Curdsville Delaware (between Pond River Spur & Hwy 500)(between Hwy 500 & 1554)(between Smock & McCarty)
Deserter Creek Rd
E Marksberry
E New Cut Rd
E Pettit Rd
Flanagan Rd
Flatlick Rd
Fogle Rd
French Island Rd
Fullenwider (north end)
Griffith Station
Grandview Rd
Hagan Ln S
Higdon Rd
Howard Ln
Iceland Rd
Iglehart Rd
Jack Bosley
Jack Hinton (south side of 54)
Jennings Rd
Keller Rd (between Carter Rd & Todd Bridge)(between Hwy 81 to Carter Rd)
Lee Rudy (between 279 & W 5th Street)
London Pike
Lower River Rd
Lydanne Bridge S (between Miles School Rd & Mt Zion School Rd)
Medley Road W
Miles School Rd
Millers Mill
Murphy Rd
N Chestnut Grove Rd
N Jackson
Old Hwy 54
Old Hwy 81
Old Hwy 81 N
Old Hartford Rd
Poplar Log Bridge Rd
Potts Rd
Red Hill Maxwell
Rockport Ferry Rd
Saurs Ln (between Innovative Way to County
Line & Innovative Way to Fogle Rd)
Sharp Rd
Stanley Birk City
Stanley-Birk City Spur
Steamboat Rd
Sutherland Rd
Sutherlin Ln
Upper River Rd
Veach Rd (from Sutherland Rd to New Hartford Rd intersection)
W Marksberry Rd
Wayne Bridge (between Flatlick & Ballard Rd)
Willett Rd
Windy Hollow Rd (near Old 81 intersection)
Wimsatt Rd
Woods Rd
W Pettit Rd
W 5th Street Rd
Wyndcrest (by Worthington Rd)

Greene County
State Road 157 from U.S. 231 (Worthington) to State Road 54 Bloomfield


KY 1272  MP 6-10

Ky 1592 miles 2-3




KY 345      MP 8-9

Ky 695 MP 4-5


Hancock County
KY 334, Miles 0-3, 11-15, 17-19
KY 271, Miles 4-6
KY 661, Miles 0-1

Hopkins County:
Red Hill
Old Nortonville-White Plains
Broder-Church Rd
Lake Groove Rd
McKnight Rd
High Banks Ferry
Pond River Mt Carmel Rd
Free Henry Rd
Igle Hart
KY 1033 MP 1-2
KY 70 MP 0-1, 23-25
KY 85 MP 4-7
KY 293 MP 1-3
KY 370 MP 0-1
KY 862 MP 3-5
KY 1034 MP 0-1
KY 1220 MP 0-3
KY 2280 MP 0-1 

US 41A MP 11-12

US 62 MP 21-22



KY 109 MP 14-15

KY 293 MP 1-3

KY 370  MP 0-1

KY 502 MP 1-3


KY 862 MP 3-5

KY 892 MP 5-7

KY 1033 MP 1-2





McLean County
KY 81 MP 11-12
KY 85, miles 0-3, 5-8
KY 136 MP 7-13, 18-22
KY 139 0-14
KY 256 MP 5-9
KY 891 MP 0-3
KY 1155 MP 4-7
KY 1589 MP 0-2
KY 2110 MP 0-2
KY 2385 MP 2-4

Muhlenberg County
KY 1379, Miles 0-6
US 62 is closed at the Hopkins-Muhlenberg County Line. This is at the Pond Creek Bridge at about the 22 mm.
KY 175 MP 24-25
KY 2590 MP 0-3

Ohio County
Ky 136 MP 2-4
Ky 369 MP 0-1
KY 505, Miles 16-17
KY 762, Miles 3-4
KY 919, Miles 3-4
KY 878 MP 5-7
KY 1903 0-1
KY 2720, Miles 0-1

Union County

KY 130 MP 0-2
US 60 MP 18-26
US 60 MP 0-3
KY 130 from 15.8 to 16 mile marker
KY 141 MP 11-19 
KY 667 closed from 1 to 16.5 mile marker 
KY 668 from 0 to 1.4 mile marker 
KY 871 from 3.5 to 5.6 mile marker 
KY 1452 from 0 to 2 mile marker 
KY 1508 from 3 to 6 mile marker 
KY 1637 from 0 to 3 mile marker 
KY 923 from 3.2 to 2 mile marker
KY 923 O to 3 mile marker
KY 360 from 5.4 to 7.3 mile marker
KY 360 from 9.2 to 13 mile marker
KY 2918 at Mile marker 0 to 1
KY 359
SR 1508 (expected to close this afternoon due to high water)
Housebridge Road
Ben Ladd Road
Peter Cruz Road
Ben Vise Road
Goosepond Road
General Holt Road
White Road
Blue Road
Ervin Hancock Road
Sullivan Road
Mt Vernon Road
Dam 49 Road
Bunger Road
Coburn Lane
Harding Road
IV Runyan Road
Shiloh Road
Anderson Road
Cowen Road
Waller Omer Road
Hill Top Road
Smithmills Road
Poplar Ridge Rd.
Chapel Hill Rd.
Hopper Lane
Hevrin Rd.

**US 60 closed at the Crittenden-Union County Line Sunday night (5/1/11) at dark.

Webster County
KY 132 from 12 to 13 mile marker
Ky 109 MP 6-8, 9-12 
KY 2837 from 1 to 2 mile marker 
KY 143 from 1-7 mile marker 
KY 132 from 0-1, 3-6, 8-9, 12-13, and 25 to 26 mile marker 
KY 120 high water from 10.2 to 10.6 mile marker , and 0-3 mile marker
KY 270 high water from 5-6
Ky 138 MP 10-11
Ky 109 MP 9-12
Ky 493 MP 0-2
Ky 494 0-1
Ky 1525 MP 0-1
KY 1835 MP 3-4
Ky 2837 MP 2-3

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