Murder Questions And A Daughter's Anguish

Murder Victim Vickie Hayes
Murder Victim Vickie Hayes

Reporter: Terrance Bates

Web Producer: Kerry Corum

Update, Tuesday, 4:30 pm:

Evansville police are investigating a murder that appears to be the result of domestic violence. 

Vickie Hayes, 47-years-old, was found dead Tuesday morning, by her daughter.

Her ex-husband is charged with the murder.

Terrance Bates spoke with Vickie's daughter Dawn.

Dawn Tauiliili says, "I don't know why he did it. I wanna know why. I don't know why he took my mom from me."

A coroner's van and yellow crime scene tape mark the site of a tragedy Dawn will never forget.

Like most mornings, Dawn showed up at her mother's house at 6:00 a.m. to pick her mom up.

She says her mother's ex-husband, Richard Guill, was there. 

Dawn tells us, "He had cuts and bruises on his face, I guess she tried to fight back."

They were divorced but still living together. 

Dawn says, "He was down stairs whenever I got there, and he told me that he had killed her, and I ran up there and the door was locked. So I had to wait for him to unlock it, and when I got in there, I went back there and she was laying on the ground and she wasn't breathing and she was partially covered with a blanket, and she had a big bruise on her face."

Dawn ran to call 911 and soon the police arrived.

Police say Guill met them when they arrived.

He told them that he and his wife had been struggling and she fell. He says he tried to revive her, but nothing happened.

He didn't call 911 and now the dormant house is a crime scene.

Dawn says, "He was just sitting there. He'd been sitting there in the house with her for hours."

Neighbors and family members can't believe what happened.

Family friend Maria Tate says, "There's never been - he's never hit her. They were married. They were married before, and they were divorced, and they were living together. There was no indication that any kind of violence would happen."

But early Tuesday morning something went wrong.

While Richard Guill is in jail, Dawn says she still has little peace now, knowing that her son Koy will grow up minus at least one grandma.

Police say it appears Vickie Hays died of asphyxiation due to blunt force trauma to the neck. An autopsy will be performed.


Evansville police are investigating a murder early Tuesday morning.

50-year-old Richard D. Guill Jr. is charged with murder in the case. Family members tell Newswatch the victim is Guill's ex-wife, 47-year-old Vickie Hayes.

Family members say Hayes and Guill still lived together in an apartment on Garfield Street in the near downtown area. Family friend Maria Tate says she was not aware of any domestic violence incidents. "This is the first time any violence has ever happened. Vickie's never said anything to me about it. You know, we talked from time to time, but he's never hit her."

Hayes' daughter, Dawn Tauiliili, says, "When I got in there, I went right in there and she was laying on the ground, and she wasn't breathin'. She was partially covered with a blanket, and she had a big bruise on her face."

Police say they were called to the scene at 6:45 Tuesday morning. They say Guill met them at the door, telling police that he and the victim had struggled earlier and the victim went down.