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Taking A Stand: When The Odds Seem Stacked Against You

We've seen some remarkable college basketball the last few weeks, and March Madness really lived up to its name this year.

Now that's it over, let's hear it for the little guy.

Did anyone expect Butler to make a return trip to the championship game? UConn also went on an amazing run, winning 11 eliminations games in a row after finishing ninth in the big east.

Perennial power Kentucky was a final four surprise for many of us, given most of last year's team left early for the NBA.

How about VCU! That's a team many said shouldn't have been in the tournament.

So what does this tell us about underdogs? I think we all can learn a valuable life lesson from the determination and teamwork displayed by this final four field.

When the odds seem stacked against you, and when success appears impossible, think about Butler, UConn, Kentucky, and VCU.

These teams have overcome obstacles and proven the naysayers wrong. They've shown what can be done when you have a goal, develop a plan, and work hard.

Their accomplishments go beyond sports. You hear that from veteran players all the time, and its true. Sports are entertainment, but our hope is the youth of the Tri-State take a little bit of that can-do spirit out the door each morning.

For all of our young people, this life lesson should be a slam dunk.

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