O'Bannon's Chronological Career Highlights

Web Producer: Kerry Corum
Highlights of Frank O'Bannon's political career:

1957...Earns law degree from Indiana University, starts law practice in hometown of Corydon.

1970...Elected to the Indiana Senate, assuming seat his father had held for 20 years. Served continuously through 1988, spending two years as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and 11 years as Democratic floor leader.

1987...Announces candidacy for the Democratic nomination for governor. Drops bid the following year to become running mate with Evan Bayh.

1988...Elected lieutenant governor on the Bayh ticket.
1992...Re-elected lieutenant governor on the Bayh ticket.

1996 ...Elected governor with 52% of the vote over Republican Stephen Goldsmith.

2000...Re-elected governor over Republican David McIntosh with 57 percent of the vote.

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