Health department wants smoking banned in public places

By Lorilyn Prestidge - bio | email 
Posted by Adam Thiele - email

GIBSON CO., IN (WFIE) - A state wide smoking ban is being debated at Indiana's Capital, and local counties are now weighing in on it.

Friday, Gibson County's Health Department held a press conference about the bill.

The bill in it's current form has exemptions for casinos, bar and other establishments.

Gibson County health officials want to see a ban for all public places.

On Wednesday, the senate public policy committee heard hours of testimony on that House Bill, but didn't make any progress.

Representatives for and against the bill are not meeting common ground on whether the bill should have exemptions.

The Gibson County Health Department is asking it's residents to speak to their representatives and push for a state wide ban everywhere.

"Those workers in casinos, bars, even in nursing homes like I say they don't have a choice. That's where they work, that's their job they shouldn't have to be exposed to second-hand smoke," Jennifer Schatz of the Gibson Co. Health Department.

Some representatives have said they would like the legislation to go to the full senate in it's current form, because changes would require house approval which is stalled right now because of the Democrats walkout.

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