How do I alleviate the pain if I cannot see my dentist right away?

Anyone with a toothache should see a dentist at once for diagnosis and treatment because, if left untreated, your condition can worsen.  However, if you are unable to schedule an emergency apointment, a self-care treatment can temporarily alleviate pain and inflamation from a toothache:

  • Rinse with warm salt water
  • Floss teeth to dislodge any food particles trapped between teeth
  • Take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as aspirian, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen to relieve pain.  If your child child has a toothache, use acetaminophem for any pain, rather than placing aspirin on the teeth or gums.
  • Never put aspirian or any other painkillers against the gums near the aching tooth, as it may burn the gum tissue.
  • Apply an over-the counter antiseptic containing bezocaine directly to the irritated tooth and gum to temporarily relieve pain.  Direct application of oil of cloves (eugenol) may also help to numb the gums.  The oil may be rubbed directly on the sore area or soak a small piece of cotton and apply it to the sore tooth.
  • If there has been some trauma to the tooth, a cold compress may be applied on the outside cheeck to relieve pain or swelling.  If your tooth has been knocked out, forced out ofposition, loosened or fractured, visit the dentist's office or a hospital emergency room immediately.
Soource: Academy of General Dentistry