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Bomb materials found, Evansville man arrested

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An Evansville man arrested after authorities say they found what looked like a bomb in his home.

The multi-agency investigation lead to the arrest of 56-year-old Michael David Ward. It's an investigation that started in Chicago.

EPD tells 14 News investigators from the Cook County Sheriff's Office came to Evansville looking for a person or persons who they say have been mailing contraband to the Cook County Jail.

Authorities believe they found at least one of the persons involved.

EPD says the Cook County Sheriff's Office has been investigating the persons responsible for mailing ammunition and black powder to the Cook County Jail in Chicago over the last couple of weeks.

"They wasted no time. They were very impressive how quickly they acted. They were on it from the get go," EPD Sgt. Brian Hildenbrandt says.

Authorities say the packages had been meant for a Cook County inmate also from Evansville.

The contraband never made it past jail security.

"They actually investigated it backwards, which led them here to Evansville," Sgt. Brian Hildenbrandt says.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office gave EPD a list of persons of interest, one of them 56-year-old Michael David Ward.

EPD searched Ward's home Tuesday afternoon where officers say they found a suitcase with cell phone wires leading to a VCR, battery and copper tubing that was crimped at the ends.

"If you know very little about a bomb, or a whole lot about a bombs. You would look at this and say, 'very believable' but you never know if it's a bomb, until you see if all the mechanisms are there to make it work," Sgt. Brian Hildenbrandt says. "Are the explosive devices there is the detonator there, the power source, it definitely looked like it had a power source, detonator and explosive materials."

Police called in the bomb squad to investigate, and later ruled that not all of the materials were present for a successful bomb. Although officers say the way the devices were set up lead them to believe they were real and intended to kill someone.

"You don't know who you are dealing with, it was very believable when you looked at it," Sgt. Brian Hildenbrandt says.

Police also say after finding wiring around the rear door knob of the house, they believe all of the devices were set up as a booby trap for police and others.

Ward was arrested for manufacturing hoax devices.

We have also been in contact with the Cook County Sheriff's Office and will bring you details on that Evansville inmate when it becomes available.

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