Extreme Makeover For Owensboro Riverfront

Current Riverfront View
Current Riverfront View
Current Riverfront View
Current Riverfront View
Current Riverfront View
Current Riverfront View

Reporter: Ben Fisher

Web Producer: Kerry Corum

The sagging Owensboro riverfront, is receiving a much needed face-lift.

With help from the Federal Government, Owensboro's riverfront looks a lot different than it used to.

Years of erosion have left it's mark. In a picture from the early 1900's, a road runs parallel to the Ohio River, but it's different now.

Mayor Waymond Morris says, "We've lost 7 inches, in the last few years. We think eventually we'll lose a great deal. We are working with the Army Corps of Engineers, to have a wall designed to go here."

City leaders are asking the Federal Government to help fund the project.

Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell toured the riverfront and says, "This a very pleasant Riverfront, and it's going to get better. I've been bringing in some Federal money to help Owensboro bring this riverfront back."

McConnell is on the Senate Appropriations Committee, and believes he can get more money for Owensboro.

McConnell says, "They were telling me about Fridays after 5:00 p.m., when large groups of people come down here, and that's what we want to see Owensboro be able to do more of."

That's good news for the people who live in Owensboro, and enjoy coming to the riverfront.

Cindy Stallings says, "I've always enjoyed the river. Her reason? She says, "I don't know, there's just something magic about it. Not everybody has this in their town, so we should take advantage of the river."

The new riverfront is designed to run from the Riverpark Center, all the way to the Executive Inn.

It won't mirror the old riverfront, but leaders are confident it will present a positive reflection of their city.