Own the last Aces game at Roberts on DVD

You can own a piece of Evansville history.

The last Aces basketball game was played at Robert's Stadium and 14NEWS was there.

To your DVD copy of the coverage, please fill out the form below.

You will get a high quality DVD with the 1 hour special "Farewell to Robert's" hosted by Mike Blake and Joe Danneman with special guests.

You will also have the last Aces game at Robert's in its entirety with play-by-play from Mike Blake and former Aces and Army coach Jim Crews.

This commemorative DVD will also include post-game coverage as the Tri-State bids farewell to the stadium that was built in 1956, and whose future is still yet to be decided.

The DVD will sell for $19.99 plus tax and will only be offered for a limited time.

14NEWS will send more specific details on how to get your copy the week after the game.