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Taking A Stand: Lawmakers

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By: Vice President/General Manager Nick Ulmer

When Indiana's House Democrats fled to Illinois in a effort to block bills moving forward, Indiana citizens were done a great disservice.

I'm not certain at this point what my personal stance is on the education reform measures, and the so called right to work agenda for Indiana.

What I am certain of is that our lawmakers need to get something done to elevate our state operating budget shortfalls.

Governor Daniels asked Republican lawmakers to take the contentious labor bill off the table until more discussion took place.

They ignored his suggestion and now the democrats feel like they have been bullied.

Both side are in the wrong on this issue. The result is the citizens of Indiana are left dangling in the wind.

Folks, it's time our lawmakers work together. As citizens we all want the same thing. A educations system that prepares our children for a happy and productive life. And a financially solvent state government that provides for its citizens.

Indiana lawmakers get back to work and serve the voters. Both parties should be ashamed of the this week's actions. We deserve more.

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