Taking A Stand: Aces Crowds Are Down

For more than 40 years, I've had the privilege to cover or witness many wonderful moments in sports, many of which occurred at Roberts Stadium.

I promise you, one of the most memorable events will be this Saturday (2-26-11).

That's when the Evansville Aces play their final game at Roberts. There'll be all kinds of special moments as many former players, and coaches will be in attendance.

This one of a kind, only one time event could be a disaster, unless you and I support it.

Aces Basketball is synonymous with the stadium, and it helped put this city on the map. Sadly, the size of Aces crowds, this year especially, have been terrible. Thank goodness for the few thousands of you who have been attending.

Ironically, this team has played well, better than expected, and should make some real noise in the upcoming Missouri Valley Conference tournament.

Bottom line, they deserve our support, and let's give it to them so that the stadium that has meant so much to Aces basketball and this community, goes out in style.

I hope to see you there.