The Otters Have New Names! Find out which names won in our contest

Update, Fri. Aug. 29, 7pm: Squeaky and Slider were close behind, but Splish and Splash won by a nose! Be sure to come out and see the newly named pair at the zoo this Labor Day weekend.

The otters need names, and you can help! Simply read the information below, take a look at the pair swimming in their new enclosure at the Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Garden in Evansville, and vote your name preference in the poll at the bottom of this section. Voting runs until Friday, August 29th when we will announce the winning names right here!

First, a little about the otters:

They love the extreme life style. A luxurious fur coat prevents loss of body heat from their long slender body. Having one of the most flexible backbones of any animal allows for a long stride, while short legs create a humorous running gait.

Otters can remain underwater for up to four minutes, swimming up to 1/4 mile before surfacing.

After disappearing from Indiana completely for many years, local otter numbers are on the rise! Otter numbers declined from habitat destruction, the use of pesticides, and excessive trapping for their fur. Protected in the state since 1921, the population was eliminated by 1942. The Indiana Department of Natural Resources released over 300 otters at 12 different sites between 1995 and 1999.