Taking A Stand: Ban smoking everywhere

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - A Statewide Smoking Ban for Indiana seems to be one step closer to becoming law, now that the bill includes exceptions for our Casino and Horse Racing Tracks.

This means that our State Lawmakers are willing to ignore the health issues of second hand smoke, when 188 million in State Revenue is at risk.

That's what the non partisan Legislative Services Agency reports will be lost if casinos have to prohibit smoking.

How hypocritical can we be with this Smoking Issue?

I ask …how much will our local restaurants and taverns loose in revenue annually? Are we telling them they don't count economically to Indiana?

They will lose a considerable amount of income, and what about individual rights. If I own a business shouldn't it be my decision to permit smoking?

With all that said: Smoking is killing our people. Our Tri State Area has major health issues because of it.

My point is: If you're going to ban it, ban it everywhere. If you're going to ban it, make provisions in the law that helps our poor citizens who are addicted, kick the habit with State funded programs.

Smokers are not second class citizens!

They deserve to be supported in this movement to eliminate this horrible product that kills users and those that are forced to breath second hand smoke.

That's my stand, what's yours?

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