Unsolved Murder: Norman Ellerbrook

September 2, 1993

Warrenton, Indiana

It was September 2, 1993, then Executive Inn Chef Norman Ellerbrook, 64, was found stabbed to death in his Warrenton, Indiana home.

Indiana State Police detectives say it was one of the most brutal crimes they've ever seen.

Ellerbrook, who was a large man weighing approximately 400 pounds, struggled for his life with his attacker in nearly every room of his house. Ellerbrook's car was later found behind the Ol' Sweig's Tavern in Evansville.

A year-and-a-half later, another murder had eerie similarities to Ellerbrook's murder.

Brian Russell, 44, was found stabbed to death in his Evansville apartment.

Police had questioned Russell in the Ellerbrook murder because both men were friends.

Russell and Ellerbrook were both homosexuals and said to run with the same crowd. Russell lived directly across the street from the Ol' Sweig's Tavern where Ellerbrook's car had been dumped after his murder.

The crime scenes were very similar and so was the method of murder.

An employee of Russell's was later arrested and convicted for the Russell murder.

Timothy Farber, 34, admitted to having a homosexual affair with his boss. He confessed to police he murdered Russell and robbed his home.

Ellerbrook's home had also been robbed and Farber lived within a block of where Ellerbrook's car was dumped.

After being sentenced in the Russell case, detectives interviewed Farber in prison about the Ellerbrook murder.

Farber denies any involvement in Ellerbrook's death but detectives still consider him a strong suspect.

If you have any information about the murder of Norman Ellerbrook, call Sergeant Larry Eck with the Indiana State Police at 812-425-2266.

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