ARC's Adult Day Habilitation Services



The goal of Adult Day Services is to provide intensive training to individuals with development disabilities in order to increase their independence and inclusion in the community.  Through Adult Day Services, a basic life skills program supports individuals with disabilities in achieving their life dreams.

Our major focus of Adult Day Services is to offer our clients a means of making and maintaining relationships within the community, which allows them to experience the value of who they are as unique human beings.

The Adult Day Services teaches individuals with disabilities on how to socially interact and make choices about where they wish to live, work, and play. Our clients learn how to connect with people outside of Evansville ARC, make personal choices and advocate decisions for themselves.

Community Living Services

Community Living Services provides assistance and support to individuals with disabilities, residing in their family home, to increase their independence and responsibility within the home. With the assistance of Community Living Services, individuals with disabilities are able to successfully maintain residence with their family homes. The services provided are based on the individual's preference determined through the person-centered planning process. Examples of services are assisting with the individual's daily care, teaching the individual proper personal hygiene, instructing the individual in the logistics of personal business errands, even how to use the Internet. Supports and services are also designed to assist individuals with community integration activities that enhance a sense of belonging.



Targeted Case Management

Evansville ARC provides Targeted Case Management Services to individuals who have a developmental disability and are Medicaid eligible. Based on individual need, services can include person-centered planning, assistance with obtaining disability benefits, assistance in locating services and resources in the community and advocacy for the individual with providers. Evansville ARC Targeted Case Managers are qualified, degreed, experienced and continually trained.