Hearing Aid Styles

What are the factors that you should consider when choosing a hearing aid?

  • The type and degree of hearing loss
  • Lifestyle situations and demands
  • Any physical limitations (finger dexterity, hand numbness)
  • Other ear problems (draining ear, extreme wax problems)
  • Financial contraints



Patient Benefit

Canta7 Product Family Advanced Digital Technology from one of the world's largest hearing instrument manufacturer's. Advanced products with well known and proven technology to meet all of your communications needs.
Digital Cochlea Dynamics compression featuring 14 overlapping bands of compression Provides normal loudness perception, soft sounds are soft and loud sounds are comfortable, with no distortion. Natural, comfortable and clear sound quality.
Adaptive Dual Microphone Directionality featuring Active Microphone Matching Maximizes the signal-to-noise ratio in all types of noise over the life of the hearing instrument by minimizing microphone mis-match. Better speech understanding in any type of noise environment throughout the life of the hearing instrument.
Digital Feedback Supression Adaptive feedback supression without gain reduction. Virtually eliminates embarrassing feedback situations without affecting the sound quality of the instrument.
LASER Speech Enhancement System The fast-acting multi-band noise reduction system creates a comfortable listening environment. The proprietary 64-band spectral enhancement system enhances the spectral features in the acoustic signal, to make them more identifiable to the impaired ear. By reducing background noise, you experience increased comfort in all listening situations where background noise is present. The multiple noise reduction and spectral enhancement options allow the hearing healthcare professional to completely customize the instrument to your needs.
Unique features such as programming beeps, low battery warning, Smart Start, Multi-function Switches and Direct Audio Input. Creates a product that is intuitive and easy to use while providing the most advanced digital benefits available in hearing instruments. Makes wearing a hearing instrument convenient and easy to use. Increase your quality of life.
Complete Product Line (CIC to Power BTE) Models to meet all of the patient's cosmetic requirements. Provides you with the best Digital Signal Processing instrument available in the model that is best suited to your hearing loss.