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Allcare Dental suddenly closes

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Evansville, IN (WFIE) - Some Tri-State dental patients are out thousands of dollars after a national chain with a location in Evansville suddenly shut its doors.

Allcare Dental says it didn't have enough cash to stay afloat.

BBB President Cathy Eichele says, "I think the biggest concern that we've heard, a person called in and they had paid some money for, I guess, denture work to be done and now they're not sure what to do because the company is gone."

The BBB says in the three years Allcare has been in Evansville location, they've had about five complaints, which isn't bad. However, they dropped the company's rating to a D- when it failed to respond to one of those complaints.

Eichele says, "We send them two letters, we space them out a couple weeks apart. We let them know that if they don't respond to the complaint it is going to effect their report at the bureau. After that we make at least two phone calls and we also try to email them if that's available, so we do try. It's not like we we just send a letter and go, ok they didn't answer."

She says paying up front for some dental services isn't necessarily a red flag.

"It's always I think preferable to pay after services have been rendered, but in some instances, we have been told that is the practice of some places. In some cases, like this, it's difficult to tell."

The BBB says customers **may** be able to recoup some of their money if the company files for bankruptcy, But it will take awhile for the situation to be resolved.

To find updates on the company's web site go to our home page and type 'allcare' in the speed word box.

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