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McLean County taking extra steps against hazing

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MCLEAN CO, KY (WFIE) - After an incident in McLean County, classes on hazing will be added to the curriculum. Educators say it's important to teach children to respect their peers.

School officials say eight students stood up against two teammates, who they say physically abused them in the basketball team locker room.

McLean County School Superintendent Tres Settles says, "The coach, principal, and athletic director are currently talking to decide what the ultimate punishment will be."

Settles says the hazing incident is not the only case of bullying in the school system. 

He says, "I was continually dealing with situations where I was dealing with having students reporting acts of bullying."

Settles says in order for bullying to stop, students need to know where it starts.

Educators continue to map out a plan that will help teachers and students identify bullying, and know when to report it.

One parent agrees it's the right move.

Parent Steve Burden says, "I think that's the right step in putting it in the curriculum because it teaches them stuff, and it starts at the level base and goes up."

The plan is to show examples of bullying cases from videos and role playing. Officials say they may add more activities later.

Settles says, "So they can assess the situation and create dialogue on what they perceive is happening in the video and talk about it with each other, whether bullying has occurred or how individuals might feel who are being bullied."

Burden says, "We're starting a program in our church, Center Pointe Missions, it gives kids encouragement instead of bullying."

Settles believes the recent case of a teenage gunman holding classmates hostage is an example of what can happen. He says their hope is to educate students before they reach that point.

The McLean County School Board hopes to have its anti-bullying curriculum in place by next school year.

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