Thousands Gather On LST 325 For Channel 14 Day

Update, 9pm Mon: LST 325's visit to Evansville has produced record crowds each day so far. Folks started lining up for Monday's tours before the doors were even open. Before it was all over, more than 3,600 people had boarded LST 325. For those seeing this piece of history up close, the tour brought back a lot of memories.

Update, 11am Mon: Interest in the LST is as high as the temperatures Monday. Channel 14 Day is a huge success.

Hundreds of veterans and former shipyard workers are lining the walkway to the LST and waiting under tents on shore until it's their turn to tour the ship.

Update, 4:30 pm, Sunday: Monday, July 14th, is "Channel 14 Day" at the LST 325.

We are honoring some very special guests with free admission.

If you are a veteran of any military branch, or served as a shipyard worker here in Evansville, you can tour the LST 325 free of charge Monday.

Verification isn't needed, the free tours will operate on the "honor system".

The tours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Normal charges apply to friends and family of former service members and shipyard workers.

See you there!

Update, 2:47 pm, Saturday: Tours have officially started for the public on the LST 325.

The tours begin Saturday, July 12th and end  Monday, July 21st.

The times are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


$8 - Adult

$4 - Children 5-18

Children under 5 - free.

$20 - Family Pass

*On Monday, Channel 14 Day, veterans and former shipyard workers tour FREE OF CHARGE.*

Reporter: Jennifer Johnson

Previously: Thousands gathered on Evansville's riverfront Friday to get a glimpse of LST 325. Folks from all over the tri-state and beyond witnessed the ship make a pass by the riverfront before docking at Marina Pointe.

The sight of the ship stirred up many emotions. And for many, whether they have close ties to the ship, the return of an LST turns back the clock. Barb Purcell says, "It's wonderful to bring back this little bit of history that was such an important part to Evansville."

For Carolyn Yancy, there was a family tie. "It brings a tear to my think of all the sacrifices made on the ship....and to think of my dad that served in the Army."

It's a time to remember those who served long ago and those still in harm's way. Purcell says the sight of the LST was a patriotic moment too. "I love the sight of that flag out there on that ship. It's the best flag in the world."

Tours start Saturday at 9am. Click the link to the left of this story for complete LST 325 information.