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Newburgh man arrested on molestation charges

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NEWBURGH, IN (WFIE) -  A Newburgh man is arrested on molestation charges, 29-year-old Clifton Duckworth is being held on a $30,000 bond.

Deputies say this case adds to a growing list of sex crimes in Warrick County.

Detectives say Duckworth, and the other three child molestation arrests made this month, are a result of their relationship with Holly's House and the information sharing that goes on between state and local authorities.

For the past month, Warrick County Dectective Paul Kruse has spent many hours with his eyes glued to the screen, and his tape recorder rolling.

Evidence from interviews he says, led to four separate molestation arrests, including a husband and wife couple, the Girvins, arrested just last month.

Kruse says, "We have the Girvins, we just had Josh Scott the other day, and now Duckworth."

Kruse says since Holly's House opened, victims of sexual crimes feel less shame in coming forward. He says the information obtained during those interviews is essential to building a solid case.

Holly's House Executive Director Sidney Hardgrave agrees.

"The investigative team has more details they can move forward with."

Once the victim of a sexual crime is secure, Kruse's office reaches out to other law enforcement agencies and community partners, in hopes of obtaining additional information on the suspect.

Infact, Kruse say that's how Duckworth was found.

"This was another case the ICAC Task Force helped out with tremendously. It's one that we had some information, but the information we had was limited, but there was enough information that led to search warrant for the computers, which rendered evidence that backed up the victims statements."

While these partnership Kruse says leads to arrests, he wants to remind parents that others predators are out there.

Hardgrave says education is key.

She says, "Until a child is able to speak up about their experience, we don't know a crime is occurring.

Duckworth is facing two felony child molestation charges.

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