Hearing and Speech Milestones in Infants and Children

Hearing and Speech Milestones in Infants and Children

3 Months

Startle or jump when there is a sudden loud sound nearby
Stir or awaken from sleep when someone talks or makes a noise
Respond to speech by gurgling or cooing

6 Months

Turn his eyes to look for an interesting sound
Turn his eyes toward you when you call his name
Coo when listening to music

10 Months

Turn his head toward an interesting sound or toward you when his name is called from behind
Play with his voice and make speech sounds as he plays with his toys
Imitate some sounds you make ("buh-buh", uh-oh", "mama", or "dada")

18 Months

Use a few single words meaningfully
Babble in sentence-like patterns
Seeks out noises directly
Understand many single words, such as names of foods, toys and parts of face
Enjoy listening to short songs or rhymes

24 Months

Use two word phrases, such as "more juice", "bye-bye Daddy"
Refer to himself by his name
Follow simple directions without seeing you as you talk
Expanding vocabulary