LST 325 Departs For St. Louis

Web Producer: Kerry Corum

LST 325 leaves Cape Girardeau, Missouri for it's next stop in St. Louis.

The landing ship tank is on its way to Evansville to honor veterans who sailed the LSTs, and to salute the men and women at the Evansville shipyard who built 167 LSTs.

To prepare for the Evansville visit, members of the local committee toured LST 325, checking out the anti-aircraft guns on deck, and going below where the ship carried its cargo of big guns, tanks and troops.

For veterans, seeing an LST again, brought back a lot of memories. LST Veteran Rance Raney says "It went awful slow and took a long time to get there, but I just wish I could do it again."

LST 325 will arrive at Elliots at Marina Point in Evansville on July eleventh, for an eleven day stay.

At peak production, 19,000 tri-staters worked at the Evansville shipyards.