Insight Services

Insight Communications is a cable television operator, also referred to as a broadband communications company, offering video, data, and voice telephony services in communities across the nation. Some of the leading-edge services, such as, high speed Internet access, Insight Digital, HDTV and telephony are still in the development and deployment processes and are not yet available in some of the communities served by Insight.

Basic Cable Service
All of Insight Communications' cable systems offer clear reception of local broadcast channels as part of their Basic Cable Service. This includes all of your favorite major network affiliates and is your connection to all of Insight's entertainment options.

Classic Cable
Our cable television video service offers the most popular cable networks available today, such as CNN, ESPN, Nickelodeon, USA Network, and Lifetime, among many others.

Premium Services
A wide variety of premium services and high-value premium packages are available to Insight customers. Choices include HBO, Showtime / The Movie Channel, Cinemax, and Starz! / Encore. In some locations, multiple screens of the premium services are also available.

High-Speed Internet Access
Some Insight customers are now able to access the Internet at amazing speeds - up to 50 times faster than 56K dial-up service! Service is currently available throughout many of our systems, and other locations will be receiving this exciting new feature soon.

Insight Digital
We are pleased to announce that Insight Digital continues to be deployed throughout various service areas, adding a whole new element to home entertainment. This means enhanced video and audio, electronic program guides, as well as expanded premium and interactive services. Insight Digital also features LocalSource, bringing interactive, localized programming into your living room by delivering popular entertainment and consumer information on demand. Customers can use this customized community guide to find out everything from local weather and news, to community events, to encyclopedia-like everyday information.

On Demand TV
Insight is proud to be the first cable operator to offer On Demand TV as part of a core digital platform. With On Demand TV, trips to the video store become a thing of the past. On Demand TV offers hundreds of movies that are easy to access with a remote control and on-screen navigator. Customers can choose their movies by genre, actor, or alphabetically by title, and the selection appears instantly! Watch whatever movie you like, whenever you like. And, since On Demand TV stores the films digitally, viewers even have the capability to pause, rewind, and fast-forward. All of this is done right on your existing television, bringing a whole new element of home entertainment into your living room! Insight Digital is available throughout many service areas. Call your local office to get connected.

High Definition Television
Imagine a picture that's up to 6 times sharper and twice as colorful as what you're used to seeing. Insight is launching the biggest leap in television since color, with HDTV now available in some markets.

AT&T Digital Phone Service
Representing the very latest in integrated technologies, Insight has begun the initial phases of local telephone service deployment through a joint venture with AT&T AT&T Digital Phone. For Insight, telephony represents the final component in becoming a full-service communications provider to its customers, with a value-added bundled suite of video, data, and voice options on the horizon.

AT&T Digital Phone is now available in parts of the following service areas: Louisville, Kentucky; Evansville, Indiana; Lexington, Kentucky; and Columbus, Ohio.