Unsolved Murder: Kim Thorn

Kim Thorn/EPD
Kim Thorn/EPD

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - An Evansville woman is dead and investigators are trying to figure out what happened.

Vanderburgh County Coroner Annie Groves says that the victim, Kim Thorn, 36, was on a lot of medications for the respiratory diseases she suffered from.

At first, Groves says they believed her death to be a drug overdose but an autopsy revealed it wasn't a failed heart or lungs that killed her.

Now police are investigating Thorn's death as a homicide.

According to a police report, Thorn's body was found by her husband, Timothy and the couple's roommate, Ricky Johnson, 36, Sunday morning.

After an autopsy, it was discovered that Kim died from blow(s) to her head which caused a brain hemorrhage.

Kim's death was ruled a homicide.

Police say they found no evidence of forced entry into the home.

Evansville police say there was a love triangle involving Kim's husband and another woman.

Family and friends were interviewed and police say a history of domestic violence was discovered.

Kim had confided in others that she was unhappy in her marriage and she wanted to leave.

Kim had a large life insurance policy.

Anyone with information on this case should contact the Evansville Police Department's Violent Crimes Unit at 812-436-7979.

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