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Answers!: Victim families fighting to question Anthony Sowell A.K.A. Cleveland Strangler

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A new court filing shows a growing number of families want the right to question accused serial killer Anthony Sowell.

Sowell is facing death for killing 11 women and attacking others. But families are adding their names to a civil wrongful death suit.

Sowell's attorneys want to stop the civil suit until after the criminal case. Half a dozen families or victims are now saying they shouldn't have to wait.

"I want to know everything so I can sit here and see her, her last minutes."

"I don't believe she would've gone into that house even for crack or anything else."

The civil suit is also asking questions about whether police and government agencies deserve some blame for not uncovering this sooner.

A judge will decide if the civil case moves forward. If it's put on hold til after a criminal trial and appeals, the families argue they may have to wait years to force Anthony Sowell to answer to them.

Defense Attorney Rufus Sims is calling the civil suit a distraction that''ll interfere with a death penalty trial.

Attorney David Malik is pressing the civil suit.

He also wants to have world-renowned experts interview Sowell, and he wants to explore whether the city or the county could have stopped the alleged killing spree earlier.

Cops say Sowell killed 11 women and attacked 5 others. He's facing a criminal trial that could send him to death row.

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