Taking A Stand: Listen to merger experts

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - When I think about the upcoming city county merger debate, I cant help but think of Thomas Edison's quote that goes something to the effect, "I learned a thousand ways on how not to build a light bulb, before I got it right."

I think we have heard many objections on city county merger, many ways on how not to merge our government.

Louisville's mayor, Jerry Abramson, shared his suggestions and experiences as mayor of the first merged Louisville government and still the focus since his visit is on why it won't work.

Of course, fear of charge is a compelling motivator, and while we realize that it's much easier to say what's wrong with something than show leadership and unselfish commitment to improve our community.

This merger is not an option if Evansville wants to remain healthy.

The efficiencies of merged government should be obvious, less bureaucracy and more services.

Taxes and council representation arguments can be resolved.

There are many false claims and misrepresentation about how Louisville dealt with those problems.

These false clams are being spread by groups for selfish reasons, not for the good of this city.

I leave you with these facts.

The Rand Report, commissioned by Pittsburgh to explore the feasibility of merger, found that between 2003 and 2007 Louisville was ranked first nationally in small business growth and first in the southeast for manufacturing job growth.

Not all, but much of this success was due to city county merging.

I know we could use some that in Evansville.

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