Cars You Can Count On

Web Producer: Brad Maglinger

Automobiles in general are being made better these days, and Consumer Reports' annual auto issue says that's especially true of new cars and light trucks from the US car makers.

The magazine's director of auto testing, David Champion, says the domestic manufacturers have been making "tremendous progress" in the last five years to improve the quality of their cars and reduce the number of things that go wrong with them.

Champion says the domestic car companies now build vehicles that are as reliable, on average, during the first year as those from European manufacturers.

He says the Europeans have been making smaller improvements in their cars and have not been keeping up with the strides being made by the Asian or domestic automakers.

A Consumer Reports survey finds American and European models now average 21 problems per 100 vehicles during the first year. Asian manufacturers average just 12 problems per 100 vehicles.

The magazine says Toyota, Honda and Hyundai vehicles rate highest for reliability.

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