Army worms invade Texas town

Posted by AJ Whipkey - email

LAGO VISTA, TX (NBC) - Lawns are turning brown in Lago Vista, Texas overnight as an army of worms invades yards.

"There's literally thousands of them," said Linda Anderson, who discovered brown patches in her yard Wednesday. "We were all so happy because it was finally green after getting through that drought, and then to look out and see it all brown is pretty discouraging."

The patches of brown grass spread from Anderson's backyard and down the street, affecting every one of her neighbors.

The culprits, neighbors believe, are army worms.

"It's totally taken out my neighbors yard," said Anderson, who is trying to get rid of them by treating her yard.

"They just kind of move like an army. That's why they call them army worms obviously," said Bill Ridley, who spent the day treating lawns for the worms in Lago Vista. "You can't really spray just the dead spot. They're like ants. They'll just move to the next spot."

The worms also spread from the backyards of homes to the nearby Lago Vista golf course, where crews sprayed to get rid of the worms early Thursday morning.

By the afternoon, many of them appeared to be dying.

"It will grow back. It just looks very unsightly," said Anderson. "That's the problem with the army worms, they move in, and they're devastating. And they have to be dealt with rather quickly, or they'll just devastate a whole neighborhood."

Army worms typically show up around late summer or early fall, but they don't show up every year.

They are common after a drought.