Ship's Log for the 2003 Voyage of LST 325

LST 325 (foreground) on the beach at Normandy
LST 325 (foreground) on the beach at Normandy

USS LST-325, 0730 CDT 05 JUN 03 (1230Z 05JUN03) The ship is at the 200 mile mark and rounding a river bend to the port side, across from the City of Leblenc, LA. The 325 will pass under the Baton Rouge Bridge/Hwy 10--ETA 1130 at the 230-mile mark.  The Mississippi river current is moving fast in this section, but the ship has increased speed and now making SOG of 7.4 Knots or 8.5 MPH (“Speed over the Ground”).

Baton Rouge is the homeport of the USS Kidd, DD-661, is a destroyer with WW II and Korea service. The USS LST-325 will render “Passing Honors” to this Man-of-War by sounding “Attention to Starboard” 600 yards before her beam. At this time the 325’s crew will turn toward the USS Kidd, “Hand Salute”, the USS Kid will return the “Hand Salute,” and “Too.” The two crews will carry-on.  A Navy tradition.

Breakfast-eggs, sausage, toast and joe. The crew and ship are well. Special thank you to the Luhr Company of St. Louis for their Tugs. The 325's ALP (Amphibious Landing Party) is "on the beach" in Vicksburg—arriving yesterday under the tutelage of Captain Hal Pierce, USN (RET) Mobile AL.

Weather: 0700 CDT Mostly Cloudy, Temperature 73 degrees, Humidity 84 %, Wind speed calm, Barometer 29.89 (for the true Navigator - Barometer has remained at 1011.9 mb +/- .2 for last 12 hours), Dew point 68 degrees, and Visibility 7 miles.

Today: Baton Rouge region - mostly cloudy, Temperature 85 – 72 Lo degrees, 50 % chance of showers, and shift in the wind:  SE at 10 to 15 MPH.

Best regards,

Bill Kaupas, SM2

LST-1167 & DD-717