Pink for Life Survivor Stories - Mary Eubank

I had never been one to do self-breast exams regularly so it was completely by accident that I found a lump in my left breast.

I had convinced myself it was nothing since I had a mammogram in February and this was November. Three weeks later the lump was still there so I called my gynecologist.  She sent me for another mammogram.  So on a Monday afternoon I went for a mammogram which lead to an ultrasound right away.  The radiologist told me at that time that he was 80% sure it was cancer, but a needle biopsy should be done.  That was scheduled for the next day Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon I received the call that said it was definitely cancer.  This was all the week of Thanksgiving.  Things moved very fast after that.  I had a lumpectomy in December, chemotherapy started in January and then radiation.  Who ever said bald was beautiful never saw my bald head.  But, I survived the treatments and my hair came back.

In December I will be a 5 year survivor!  Woohoo!  I preach to anyone that will listen to make sure you do monthly self-breast exams and yearly mammograms.  Finding the lump myself probably saved my life.  My sister is now going through treatment for breast cancer.  The cancer was found on a routine mammogram.