Taking A Stand: Get politically involved!

By Nick Ulmer, WFIE Vice-President and General Manager - email

There is a lot of buzz about the upcoming election.

You are going to start seeing political TV ads in the next couple of weeks.

No, matter what your political persuasion, Democrat, Republican, Tea Party or Independent, the bottom line is this if we don't get involved we deserve what we get from Washington...good or bad.

A refrain that I keep hearing is that congress has lost touch with reality.

There is no balanced budget and members of Congress vote themselves pay raises while enjoying better and cheaper health care than the rest of us.

Social security cannot cover this year's demand.

Indiana is one of 20 states suing the government over mandatory health coverage.

Michelle Obama arrogantly travels to Spain with 40 friends, while the nation lost an additional 131,000 jobs in July!

Polls show that 90 plus percent of Americans favor more security for our borders, yet every president since Reagan, from both parties have ignored the immigration issue.

The president boasts that he wont give back the keys to the nation to Republicans!

The keys don't belong to any party, they belong to us, the people.

So, let me be among the first to urge those 18 and older to make sure you are registered to vote, and help deliver the keys where they belong.

The deadline is October 4 in Indiana, Kentucky and Illinois, and make sure you vote November 2.

Take A Stand! That's mine!

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