Taking a Stand: Evansville needs a plan

By Nick Ulmer, WFIE Vice-President and General Manager - email

I noticed that the lighted Whirlpool sign at the old factory is no longer lit.

The closing of this plant happened gradually over the past several years, and as a community we sat back and hoped for new businesses and industries to relocate here.

Someone once said 'hope is not a plan', and it seems like all we have from our city leaders currently is more hope and less plan.

It is time for a local economic summit of business leaders, civic leaders, our university presidents and academics, our top employers who have their businesses headquartered here; and all who are invested in the success of Evansville and the surrounding area.

Critical factors that need to be addressed to recruit new industries, include a functional airport, merged city county government, entertainment and successful sports franchises that will ensure the retainment of our youth and braintrust.

Evansville has many plusses and maybe some negatives that could be fixed, but in the short time I've lived here, I've talked to a lot of large and small business owners and managers, and they all agree…we don't have a good plan to recruit new businesses to our city.

We desperately need one!

That's my stand.  What's yours?

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