Cool Schools: Harrison's Warrior Academy

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EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - When students are struggling in class it can be difficult to catch up, especially in large schools.

A new program at Harrison high is helping these students get back on track.

Junior Cameron Brown said that in his earlier school days he always felt like he was falling behind.

Cameron's counselors suggested he try Warrior Academy, a group where students stay in one classroom throughout the morning, with just a few teachers.

"We were fortunate to have teachers who were interested in this academy who were dual licensed," Assistance Principal of Programming Tammy Dexter said. "So I have an English teacher who is also licensed in social studies. I have a math teacher who is also licensed in health."

In the afternoons, students take special electives, like leadership classes, and go on special field trips.

They've toured Vincennes University and companies like Tisa, which supplies parts for Toyota.

"When people see things firsthand there is an immediate connection, and you learn so much from that," Warrior Academy Teacher Angela Greenwell said. "It's different from me telling them, versus them going 'oh, I do need to learn these leadership roles.'"

With only 30 full-time students, classes are small.

"Teachers really give you one-on-one help, more than what they would give you in just regular classes," Cameron.

Officials say that also creates a sense of community.

"I know my students. I know everything about them.," Ms. Greenwell said. "I know their families. I talk to their families a lot. They come in for conferences. We're a very close knit group of people now."

Cameron says his grades are better than ever, and he's thinking about going to college.

"Every student matters. That's what we want to do. We want to save every student that we can," Assistant Principal Dexter said.

Officials say with the school year is coming to a close they will evaluate the program based on grades and attendance to see whether they need to make any changes.

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