Maintenance program services

J.E. Shekell service technicians perform Spring & Fall Tune-Up. Receive a 15% discount on parts and labor on equipment repairs for a full year - including nights and weekends. In addition to the Spring and Fall Tune-Up, you get free labor on equipment repairs for a full year - including nights and weekends! Plus, a 15% discount on all parts! Our ultimate program covers all parts, labor and the Spring and Fall Tune-Ups for a full year. You never have to worry about unexpected repair costs. You're Covered!

What is covered by the J.E. Shekell residential maintenance programs?

• Inspect evaporator coil
• Check return air filter
• Flush drain and check drain pan
• Clean condenser coil
• Check electrical connections
• Check amperage of compressor and fan motor
• Check indoor blower motor for alignment and cleanliness
• Lubricate motor as needed
• Check noise and vibration levels
• Check operating pressures and refrigerant levels with gauges
• Check thermostat operation
• Examine all parts for visible wear 
• Gas Heating System
• Inspect flue, pipes and draft diverter
• Check heat exchanger
• Check vales, wiring, thermocouple, igniters and air filter
• Inspect blower for alignment and cleanliness
• Clean, inspect and adjust pilot assembly and all controls
• Check for proper operation, efficiency and leaks
• Check for carbon monoxide
• Electric Heating and Heating Pumps
• Check, clean and lubricate motor
• Inspect belt condition, tension and alignment
• Check and adjust thermostat sequence control
• Inspect all electrical connections, air filter and heating elements
• Check defrost controls, condenser fan motor, refrigerant charge and defrost cycle

Residential Maintenance Programs have exclusions, please speak to a J. E. Shekell, Inc. representative for full disclosure.