Aural Rehab Class

Aural Rehabilitation Classes

These classes are offered to our patients at no-charge.  They are

designed to assist the hearing impaired individual in adjusting more

easily to hearing aid use.  The program is presented in a small group

format and is tailored to the needs of the group.  Studies have shown

that individuals who have participated in an AR class are more satisfied

with their hearing aid performance.  That is our aim here at Hearing &

Speech.  We offer the only AR class in the Evansville area.

Goals for the program are:

  • to come to a better understanding of what hearing loss

is and how it affects communications, relationships

and self-esteem.

  • to give folks with normal hearing an idea of what the

hearing impaired population is dealing with on a

daily basis.

  • to help you find a way of making your difficult

listening situations more tolerable.

  • to alleviate some of the frustrations that the hearing

impaired  individual has come to expect.

  • to get the hearing impaired population back to

participating in the activities they have given up

due to frustration.

  • to address expectations for hearing aids in various


  • to come up with listening strategies that are easy to


  • to get more satisfaction out of your hearing aids.
  • to learn about insurance, discount plans, how they work

and how they differ.

Class sessions are offered 3-4 times a year.  For more information,

Contact Angela Esterline at 812-425-1500.