Skin Cancer Awareness


One in seven Americans will get skin cancer in their lifetime. making skin cancer the most common type of cancer.  The actual number of basel cell and squamous cell skin cancer cases is more than one million annually.  And the incidence of melanoma is rapidly increasing in America.  The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 54,200 new cases of melanoma this year.  Another 7,600 Americans will die from it.  One severe childhood or adolescent sunburn doubles the chances of getting skin cancer.  The good news is skin cancer, and most especially melanoma, can be cured if detected and treated early.

Free Cancer Presentation & Screening
with Jane Lim, M.D., Dermatologist
Thursday, May 8th at 6:00 p.m.
Deaconess Womens Hospital
(Reservations are requested but not required. 
Please call 812-474-6000.)

Don't put off having a health care professional check out those 'beauty marks' or moles.  My name is Robin. I was recently diagonsed with malignant melanoma.  Because my dermatologist caught my cancer in the early stages, the scar it left behind is the least of my worries!  Please, think twice before tanning.  Is your life worth risking?  And don't think it can't be you.  That's what I thought!

(Picture above shows Robin's actual melanoma site that was surgically removed March 2002)