Cool Schools: Fairfield High School

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FAIRFIELD, IL (WFIE) - When students at Fairfield High School in Illinois lost a beloved teacher, they rallied together to do a community service project in his honor.

They exceeded their own expectations.

Math teacher Dana Hungerford died suddenly. Students say, they lost a great teacher.

They decided to dedicate Make a Difference Day to him, and replace the town's rusty playground equipment.

They set what they thought was a lofty goal of raising $10,000.

It was a whirlwind of fundraising activity. The highlight was getting students and faculty together to put on"Saturday Night Live" skits.

Students felt it was the perfect way to honor Mr. Hungerford, because he was such a funny guy.

When it was done, they had raised more than $20,000.

With a match of $10,000 from the parks, and another $10,000 as an award.

They had a total of more than $40,000.

That was enough to buy more playground equipment than they had imagined.

Some former students even came back for the events.

It was a tribute to a man who left his mark on both a school, and a community.

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