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Dubois County Primary Candidates

Local Races

Prosecuting Attorney 57th Circuit
Kurt Leinenbach (D)
Deborah L. Schroeder Dysert
Kevin D. Crouse is the only Republican

Donny Lampert (D)
Stephen E. Chambers (D)
Forrest Kieser is the only Republican

State Races

U.S. Senator
Don Bates, Jr. (R)
Richard Behney (R)
Dan Coats (R)
John N. Hostettler (R)
Marlin A. Stutzman (R)
Brad Ellsworth is the only Democrat

Rep. in Congress 9th Dist.
John R. Bottorff (D)
Baron Hill (D)
Carol Johnson-Smith (D)
James R. McClure, Jr. (D)
Lendall B. Terry (D)
Travis J. Hankins (R)
Michael E. Sodrel (R)
Todd Young (R)
Ricky Warren (R)

State Representative District 73
Ryan D. Bower (D)
Douglas C. Leatherbury (D)
Steve Davisson (R)
Henry H. Taylor (R)
Click here to see the district map.

State Representative District 74
Sue Ellspermann (R)
Angela Sowers (R)
Russ Stillwell is the only Democrat.
Click here to see the district map.

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