Gabe's Tower plans for restoration

By Jasmin Embers - bio | email
Posted by Noah Stubbs - email

OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - The Owensboro Metro Planning Commission said that Gabe's Tower owner Sherajul Hoque submitted a conceptual site plan that could cost him around $1 million in renovations and directors said that it could work.

Gabe's Tower used to be Owensboro's main attraction, but now some residents are saying that it is bringing the city down.

Owensboro's planning commission said an Evansville engineering firm prepared a site plan showing parking and landscaping features at Gabe's Tower, but as of right now it's not final.

"As of this day, he plans on opening 40 suites at the old hotel and he will have a conference room, a meeting room, on the 12 floor he'll re-open the restaurant," Asst. Director of Metro Planning Jim Mischel said.

Mischel said Hoque also plans to add a gym in addition to keeping the swimming pool on the 13th floor.

Restoration is news that many Owensboro residents have been waiting to hear.

"I would like to see it restored," resident Carol Thomassan said.

"I'd like to see something done to it one way or another either tear it down or fix it up," resident Jeff Hamilton said.

Planning and zoning said that before a permit for the site can be issued, Hoque must submit detailed architectural and engineering plans.

The city says Gabe's Tower has stood vacant for more than four years.

Residents just hope something is done soon.

"It would make Owensboro look better if they tear it down and build a new one," one resident said.

Metro planning said the preliminary plan looks good so far and are waiting to hear back from Hoque after completing a feasibility study.

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