Cool Schools: Daviess Co. Robot Club

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DAVIESS CO., KY (WFIE) - For many students, math is one of the most dreaded classes they'll take.

But some students at Daviess County High School are learning the subject in a fun way, by building robots.

They're robots that can pick wiffle balls off the floor, designed, built, and controlled by 14 students at Daviess County High School.

At competitions, students get points each time it works.

"We do use math in trying to figure out the angles, the turns, and the percentage of likelihood that we're going to score," Freshman Allison Ellis says.

"I think it's pretty cool because I don't really even notice I'm doing math, and as Ms. Bryant, my teacher, can tell you, I don't always enjoy doing my math," Freshman Matt Shown says.

Jana Bryant started the club this school year, for that very reason.

"I am very interested in getting young minds interested in math, science, and engineering," Ms. Bryant says. "Anything I can do to get students interested in those high paying jobs, I'm all about it."

But she says they also learn teamwork and problem solving, because their original creations often don't work out.

"We started with a little bitty thing, it was no more than a toaster on wheels, it looked like," Matt says.

"There was a lot of building and destruction and going through stages to get where we are," Allison says.

At a statewide competition, one robot placed fifth, the other, second.

That one is going to the world competition in Atlanta later this month.

"We cannot believe that we've had such success this first year," Ms. Bryant says.

It's success she hopes will be repeated or exceeded when the club returns next year.

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