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Taking A Stand: Keep Evansville Beautiful

By Ann Ennis, President of Keep Evansville Beautiful

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Each day, most of us get out of bed, brush our teeth, wash our face, put on deodorant, get dressed and move along in our day.

Our personal hygiene routine keeps us healthy and makes us feel good about ourselves.

At Keep Evansville Beautiful, we think there is a front yard hygiene routine too.

When you go out in your front yard, pick up that litter in the gutter.

When you take the trash out, make sure it goes into a secure can with a secure lid.

Before you vacuum the family room, go out and sweep the entire front sidewalk.

Need a haircut? Chances are your alley needs a weed-cut, too.

Getting dolled up for a night out?

Your home deserves the same; get the sticks off your roof, and the litter off the fence row.

Your home is your top investment.

Do you value your living space? Does it show?

A broom and a dustpan, some newspaper and vinegar do wonders.

Make sure to trim the weeds, sweep the dust, pick up the sticks.

Fifteen minutes on the front yard can do wonders for your home.

Personal hygiene is our first step to getting through each day.

Some front yard hygiene will do the same.

Get clean this spring.

It'll make your feel good about yourself and it will help keep Evansville beautiful!

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