Taking a Stand: Smoking Ban

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - Once again, a smoking bill failed in Indiana.

This time, it was the Evansville City Council that couldn't take a stand.

On Monday, the vote was 4 to 4; with Councilman Curt John not in attendance.

The best thing that came out of the vote was the packed crowd taking advantage of a governmental forum.

It took more than an hour for members of the public to voice their opinion.

But when it came time to vote the council was deadlocked.

The new law would have had exceptions, Casino Aztar and private clubs, such as the Elks and VFW.

One city councilman says that exemption was the cause of his no vote, calling it a bad law.

Our stand is that Evansville should take the lead on this important issue and ban smoking in restaurants and bars.

We urge councilman Dan Adams to keep pushing and re-introduce a bill that doesn't have exemptions.

Other cities like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago have already taken that stand and while there were protests at first, it is now accepted.

It's time for Evansville to lead and ask neighboring communities to join us.

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