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Satellite Waiver Requests

Satellite Waiver Requests

This page provides information about requesting a waiver from 14 WFIE Television, granting you the right to receive NBC television network programming from a distant network affiliate on your satellite dish.

It is illegal for satellite companies to sell network services to households that can receive local broadcasters' free over-the-air signal from a rooftop antenna. Those subscribers who can not receive an over-the-air signal from a rooftop antenna may request a waiver to receive a distant signal via their satellite dish.

Congress recently passed new legislation governing the transmission of both local and distant network broadcast stations over satellite systems.

The new law changes the waiver request process. Subscribers should now request a waiver by sending their request directly to their satellite company. The satellite company will forward requests they feel have merit to the local affiliates for consideration. Local stations are required to respond to requests they receive from satellite companies within 30 days. In many cases, the satellite companies can forward requests electronically to local affiliates, which speeds up processing. 14 WFIE will only consider requests received from a satellite company.

To submit waiver requests through your satellite company, use the following contact information:

Dish Network Customer Service
P.O. Box 33577
Northglen, Colorado 80233
1-800-333-DISH (1-800-333-3474)

Direct TV Customer Service
P.O. BOX 92600
Los Angeles, CA 90009
1-800-DIRECTV (1-800-347-3288)

14 WFIE and the satellite companies have access to sophisticated computer modeling software, which is utilized when considering waiver requests. It takes into account the coverage of our television signal, a viewer's location, and interference factors such as terrain. The computer model tells us, with a fairly high degree of accuracy, what signal strength a particular location should be receiving.

The grade B signal cut-off established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is 64dbu for channel 14. Signal strengths at or above that level are considered to be viewable TV signals. Many waiver requests that are submitted are from viewers who receive a signal well above the 64dbu minimum considered by FCC laws to be a viewable signal from 14 WFIE using a properly installed rooftop antenna and are therefore denied.

Under the recently passed legislation your satellite provider will be able to provide 14 WFIE's signal (not a distant NBC signal) to your home when they begin offering local signals in the Evansville market. Currently satellite companies are beginning to offer local signals to viewers in larger markets like New York and Chicago . We encourage you to contact your DBS provider with any questions you may have concerning the availability of local signals via satellite dish in this market.

Again, requests to receive distant network programming on your satellite dish should be sent to your satellite carrier.

To learn more about the Satellite Home Viewer Act and regulation concerning the granting and denial of waiver requests you might check the following websites:;; or

We look forward to serving you in the future and to providing both network and local programming to you and the entire viewing area.

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