Cool Schools: Hancock Co. Skills USA

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HANCOCK CO., KY (WFIE) - Students at Hancock County High School are going beyond the basics to learn skills they can take to college and the workforce.

They are also helping the community along the way.

Students take computers apart, repair them and remove viruses; all for nothing more than the occasional donation.

Jon Warren is the treasurer of Skills USA, and specializes in computers.

Computers are just one of many skills students can learn, they also try their hands at photography, web design and video production.

The students of Skills USA are taking their skills beyond the classroom.

The group used GPS systems to map businesses, bus routes, and fire hydrants.

Then they created a map that they have on display at the fire station.

That project earned them a regional award for community service.

"Really allows the students to find their niche and find something they're really good at," teacher Brad Goodall said. "Something they enjoy, and it gives them an idea of what they can do for their future careers."

Even with everything they've learned, making a difference may be the greatest skill of all.

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