Mock Up - Election Candidate Profiles

Political positions

According to her website, Norton's stances on several political issues are as follows:


  • Opposes President Obama's stimulus package
  • Opposes earmarks
  • Supports government that includes lower taxes, a balanced budget, reduced national debt and regulatory reform

 Health care

  • Oppose government-run health care
  • Supports tort reform

Climate change

Social issues

  • Supports U.S. Supreme Court justice nominees who are strict constructionists
  • Supports pro-life causes
  • Against same sex marriage
  • Against gun control
  • Against amnesty for illegal immigrants

Personal Life

Norton is the daughter of Elinor Pitman Bergman, a retired Grand Junction teacher and native of Pueblo, and Walter F. "Bus" Bergman, a native of Denver and retired Mesa State College coach. Born and raised in Grand Junction, she began teaching middle school in Fort Lupton after graduating from Colorado State University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science with distinction in health sciences. She also has a Master's of Science in Management degree from Regis University, Denver. Her husband Mike Norton is a former U.S. Attorney of Colorado, who currently works in private practice. She has two grown children, and is an avid hiker and skier.