Taking a Stand: War on Hunger

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - It's my honor to say "thank you" for your support on the War on Hunger!

Volunteers are busy sorting the cans, boxes and bags of food collected, all in just one day!

On Friday, 14WFIE and WIKY broadcast live at five area Schnucks stores as Salvation Army volunteers took donations of food and money.

In just one day, the army collected $7,374 and more than 4,000 food items!

There has been a 227% increase in need for the soup kitchen and food pantry at the Salvation Army.

That need is expected to grow during the summer, as students get out of school and will need a meal that parents simply can't provide.

The War on Hunger drive will continue through April.

Just like last year, some of the dollars raised will be matched through the Feinstein Foundation.

If you don't live in Evansville, don't hesitate to drop off a few cans of food, or dollars, to your local food bank or Salvation Army.

Many of them are also collecting food right now.

Take a Stand and make a dent on the war on hunger!

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