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Taking a Stand: Good job Eagles!

By Vice-President/General Manager Debbie Bush

EVANSVILLE, IN (WFIE) - One of this year's best NCAA Division 2 basketball teams in America is already through for the season. For USI, the season ended far too early.

The Screaming Eagles incredible campaign ended Monday night on senior night with an impressive win over Quincy at a packed PAC.

It gave the 10th ranked Eagles, and their outstanding first year head coach, Rodney Watson, a record of 24 and 3.

More important than their record, however, is the tremendous amount of adversity these young men overcame.

Before the season began, they were already banned from post season play.

Then last month, they suffered the traumatic loss of senior teammate Jeron Lewis who collapsed during a game and died a short time later.

Despite all of that, the Eagles played on and soared to a school record 23 straight wins.

They proved that even though you don't have any great post-season glory to play for,  you can still play for pride.

And we are proud of you.

Not just the USI community, but the entire Tri-State.

Congratulations USI, you had a great year!

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