Taking A Stand: Your Bayh comments

Senator Bayh said he didn't love congress anymore and blamed partisan divide in keeping important bills from being passed.

Most of those who responded are sick of what is going on in congress.

Kay responded, "Both sides of the isle are acting like children." She went on to say, "We need to get individuals in there that want what is best for the people. This will not be accomplished by either party with this type of behavior."

Harry e-mailed the following, "It's time to bring up term limits again." He says, "I would propose that a senator is limited to two terms of six years each and a congressman limited to two terms of four years each. But will this ever happen? I doubt it, if the decision is left to the incumbents."

And finally, an anonymous caller was very upset by the commentary and felt it was a slam to Evan Bayh and his father.

She said, "Bayh and his father have worked their hearts out for the State of Indiana. He has had Indiana foremost in his outlook for everything."

Thank you for all your comments, keep them coming!

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