Taking a Stand: Evan Bayh

(WFIE) - On the day after Valentine's Day, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh told us he doesn't love congress.

He surprised much of the political world by announcing he would not seek re-election to the U.S. Senate.

In his statement, Senator Bayh blamed partisan divide in keeping congress from passing what he considered to be important bills.

Bayh was considered a moderate democrat who had a reputation of working across party lines.

Senator Bayh is entitled to his choice, but our stand is that we need more elected officials willing to fight for us the voters.

If he's not the one to do it, then we, as voters, need to make sure the choice we make in November is someone who will fight.

Voters across the country are becoming frustrated by a congress that seems to be more interested in protecting their own job than in creating jobs for us.

We're not interested in candidates who think that back-room deals or secret negotiations are the way to get things done.

Our elected officials from both parties need to be held accountable.

In November, voters in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky will each have a chance to send a new senator to Washington along with numerous U.S. representatives.

The election booth is the best place to make your voice heard.

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