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How much snow has the Tri-State gotten this winter?

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TRI-STATE (WFIE) - It has been the snowiest winter for the Tri-State since 2004, but why do some areas see so much more snow than others just miles away?

For example, at the airport, this last storm dropped about 4.5 inches, while 18 miles away, Boonville had eight.

Since January 7, the Tri-State has had five snow events that have closed schools and created hazardous travel.

"It's been quite a winter this year," weather spotter Shawn Weber said.

Weber has measured 18 inches of snow so far this season in Newburgh.

He's one of only a handful of spotters who takes snow totals the official way by using a snow board, a 16-by-16 inch white-painted piece of plywood.

"Once your snow accumulates, you come out here with your tape measurer or ruler and you stick on top of your board here and get your measurement," Weber said.

Weber's dedication gives the National Weather Service precise readings, something that is not done everywhere, which can lead to wide discrepancies in snow reports.

Snow storms are notoriously fickle, creating localized snow squalls that can drop several inches of snow in a small area, and virtually nothing a few miles away.

Thunder-snow, an elevated convective storm within a snow storm, can also create heavy snow in a very small area.

The official reading for the Tri-State is taken in Evansville and stands at 15.3 inches, slightly above our seasonal average of 14.

Princeton has just over nine inches.

Sam Sievers in Vincennes reported 15.1.

Rockport reported almost 16.5, and Jasper comes in at a whopping 19 inches.

Over southern Illinois, Flora is at 12.5 inches with Fairfield about an inch less.

Most of Western Kentucky has also had a foot or more, with Owensboro checking in at 11.5.

The EMA director in Madisonville reported 15 inches, and Henderson leads the pack at 17.4.

"It's been a pretty interesting February so far," Weber said. "It'll be interesting in the next couple of weeks to see if we get anything else."

The only official snow readings in the Tri-State are taken at the airport, where workers take measurements four times a day.

That's why the official reading can be very different from what you experience in your neighborhood.

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